Must add to previous post:  The November/December issue is just out on the stands and looks FABULOUS.  Big props should go to the lovely and talented Kathy Storring for all her advocacy and talent.  More blood, sweat and tears here people.  Putting a mag out in this day and age ain’t no picnic, y’dig???

Now, if seeing my work live and in colour isn’t enough to get you out to snap one of these up, perhaps this will:  Included in this Grand Magazine Holiday package is the most incredible product catalogue I’ve seen in a while.  The new Rolex printed piece is sooooo good.  I could eat it whole.  Really.  I’m serious.  It’s beautiful.  15 pages -and that includes an extra 12 page sub-booklet of the women’s line- of the most beautiful product photography you’ll ever see.   And the best part is -wait for it- there is hardly ANY copy!  Like NONE!!!  here’s a quick pic of the piece.

(note the reflected embossing…WOW)  Those who’ve heard me rant will know that I’m a big advocate of the still image and the power it wields.  Really, it stands alone as an incredibly potent communication tool.  A tool that, I dare say, has been diluted by…well, that’s another long story but, I think we can all agree that we’re inundated by “sameness”, mediocrity, shite etc etc.   Yes, of course Rolex is one of those established prestige brands that can afford to do this, but seriously, to have the balls….I mean, it would’ve been so easy for whoever the Creative Director was to go with the flow and insult everyone’s intelligence with some blah blah blah BS, but no.  and I’m willing to bet that they had  to put up a fight too.  So PLEASE, do yourself a favour and pick up the Grand and enjoy as an added bonus a serious piece of eye candy that communicates above and beyond the limitations of our plodding, and linear English language…so on that note I’ll shut up and let the pic do the talking.